Taxonomy sidebar

Sidebar navigation for displaying on pages tagged to the GOV.UK taxonomy.

Accepts an array of items. These items are typically the list of taxons the current content page is tagged to.

Each item is a hash with a title, url, description, and list of related content associated with that item.

How to call this component

<%= render partial: 'govuk_component/taxonomy_sidebar', locals: { items: [ { title: "School curriculum", url: "/education/school-curriculum", description: "Early years, key stages 1 to 5, GCSE and AS and A level reforms, tests, exams and assessments, PSHE and SMSC. ", related_content: [ { title: "The national curriculum", link: "/national-curriculum" } ] }, { title: "Tests (key stage 1)", url: "/key-stage-1-tests", description: "Key dates, sample and test materials, administration, moderation, assessing and reporting, statistics, frameworks. ", related_content: [ { title: "Key stage 1 teacher assessment", link: "/government/collections/key-stage-1-teacher-assessment" }, { title: "Primary assessments: information and resources for 2017", link: "/government/publications/primary-assessments-information-and-resources-for-2017" } ] } ] } %>

How this component looks