Govspeak content: Address

To display long form text which has been converted from Govspeak

Govspeak is GOV.UK’s extension of Markdown.

This component has no control over markup, which is passed in to the component pre-generated. It only applies CSS/JS.

It applies styling to standard Markdown content, eg; paragraphs, headings and lists. It also applies styling to Govspeak specific markup, like callouts, contacts and highlights.

In addition to styling, it also applies some Javascript behaviours.

How to call this component

<%= render partial: 'govuk_component/govspeak', locals: { content: "<div class=\"address\"> <div class=\"adr org fn\"> <p> First line of address <br>Second line of address <br>75 This street <br>United Kindom <br>Phone: 07123456789 <br> </p> </div> </div> <p>Addresses are generated when using the `$A` markdown pattern.</p> " } %>

How this component looks

First line of address
Second line of address
75 This street
United Kindom
Phone: 07123456789

Addresses are generated when using the `$A` markdown pattern.